Merlin — $200,000 USDT Bounty Reward Program

Merlin is an auto-compounding yield aggregator on BSC. Earn the highest yields on BTCB, ETH, BNB, CAKE by staking with Merlin. We’re launching our Bounty Reward Program and giving away $200,000 USDT worth of $MERL tokens for completion of bounty tasks! Let us build a strong and active community together and make Merlin a big success!

To get involved in our Bounty Reward Program follow the simple steps below and begin earning $MERL tokens for creating quality content and sharing:

  • Join the Merlin Community Telegram ( and the Merlin Bounty Rewards Group (
  • Create a noteworthy Blog/Media post, for example on Tiktok, Medium, the Bitcointalk Forum, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Hacker Noon, relevant News Websites and more. Read below for further instructions on the types of content you should be creating.
  • Fill out the Bounty Form inform the Merlin Team of your posting.
  • The Merlin Team will check the quality and reach of your posting.
  • If your post meets the requirements, then you will be credited with the relevant amount of $MERL tokens at the end of each week as shown in the terms below).
  • Content can be in any language, but you must provide a brief in English in the bounty submission form
  • Exceptional content may be eligible for even greater rewards at the discretion of the Merlin Team!

You can earn up to $100 worth of $MERL per video or blog, up to $200 worth of $MERL per article!

For technical support, please contact us via our Merlin Bounty Rewards Telegram Group. Contact an admin who will assist you with your query.

Bounty Reward Types:

Content Creation Bounties:

1. YouTube videos

Make a high-quality YouTube video about Merlin


  • Your video must be public.
  • Video must contain high-quality content about Merlin.
  • Your video and caption must have links to the Merlin website.
  • YouTube videos must be at least 2 minutes long.
  • Videos must have a human voiceover.
  • The video must be of good quality. Minimum 720p.
  • You may submit a maximum of 4 pieces of content/week. The same article/blog post can only be posted once. Posting the same article on multiple sites will not be accepted.
  • Only original work is accepted — Copying parts of the website or using someone else’s work is strictly prohibited.


50k+ subscribers — $3000/post

10k-50k subscribers — $2000/post

5k-10k subscribers — $1000/post

2k-5k subscribers — $500/post

500 2k subscribers — $100 post

2. Tiktok Posts


  • Account must be public.
  • Video must contain high quality content about Merlin.
  • Videos must be more than 20 seconds long.
  • Video description must contain a link to
  • Videos must have a human voice-over.
  • All videos must be original content & unique.


100k+ followers — $300/post

50k-100k followers — $250/post

10k-50k followers — $150/post

5k-10k followers — $100/post

2k-5k followers — $70/post

500 2k followers — $50 post

3. Blog posts

We welcome you to blog about Merlin. Your blog can be published anywhere on the internet that is publicly accessible. It can be written in any language.


Must have unique content

Blogging rewards — We will divide blogs into three different categories. Rewards will be allocated according to how much effort you put into your blog post

Basic — $15

Medium — $50

Excellent — $200

4. Reddit Posts


  • Your account must have a minimum of 10 karma.
  • Posts and comments with negative karma do not qualify.
  • Posts and comments on will be rewarded for up to 5 comments or posts on the same user account.
  • For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted in relevant subreddits, such as r/bitcoin, r/altcoin, r/cryptocurrency, r/ethereum, r/ethtrader, r/cryptomoonshots, r/altcoins
  • Post upvotes will be counted on the day of the weekly reward distribution


1000 upvotes — $1000

500 upvotes — $500

250 upvotes — $250

100 upvotes — $100

50 upvotes — $50

10 upvotes — $20

5. Twitter bounties


  • Follow us on Twitter —
  • Your account must be active, at least 3 months old and public.
  • You can retweet all recent posts from Merlin.
  • Minimum 4 tweets or retweets per week and using the hashtags #MERL #Defi #BSC and total post must contain at least 50 words.
  • Your account and posts should be visible to all users.


100k+ followers — 400$/Week

50k-100k followers– 300$/Week

25k-50k followers — 200$/Week

15k-25k followers — 160$/Week

10k-15k followers — 120$/Week

7k-10k followers — 80$/Week

5k-7k followers — 50$/Week

3k-5k followers — 30$/Week

1001 3000 followers 16$/Week

501 1000 followers 10$/Week

251 500 followers — 7$/Week

100 250 followers — 4$/Week

6. Meme/Stickers/Infographics

Participants of memes and infographics need to publish a tweet after making it, and then send it to the Merlin Bounty Rewards Group Telegram ( for approval.

After the official approval, we will retweet it. The meme/stickers/infographics with the highest retweet number will be rewarded.

1st Prize: 500usdt

2nd Prize: 200usdt

3rd Prize: 100usdt

In order to qualify, you must deliver a set of at least 8 stickers in high quality.

7. Other platforms

Posts on other platforms such as Medium, the Bitcointalk Forum, Facebook, Hacker Noon, relevant News Websites and more will be judged and awarded rewards by the Merlin team.

Rewards may be granted if the post is high quality and has high engagement.

Telegram bounties:

Join our Telegram groups: — and

Telegram Invite King bounty

For the first 4 weeks of the bounty rewards program, the top three users who invite the newest users to join the community during the bounty campaign will receive prizes.

Weekly prizes:

Invite King 1st Prize: 200usdt

Invite King 2nd Prize: 100usdt

Invite King 3rd Prize: 50usdt

*New users must be real and valid accounts, if we found fake accounts, or fraud, spam, you will be disqualified from the award and banned from the Merlin community.

Telegram Most Active User bounty

For the first 4 weeks of the bounty rewards program, the top 3 most active users (rated by Combot data) each week will be rewarded.

Super Active 1st Prize: 100usdt

Super Active 2nd Prize: 80usdt

Super Active 3rd Prize: 50usdt

*The content must be constructive and relevant to Merlin.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The bounty program will end once all rewards have been distributed.
  • To participate you must join the Merlin Bounty Rewards Telegram group ( and our main telegram (to receive updates to the program and feedback on your submissions.
  • For each bounty submission you must submit a Bounty Form for review and approval.
  • Your content can be in any language, but you must provide a brief in English in the bounty submission form
  • Submitting a bounty form does not guarantee tokens will be earned. Bounty rewards will only be granted to quality and unique content.
  • All bounty rewards will be distributed weekly.
  • All bounty rewards will be paid the $USDT value of the reward in $MERL tokens.
  • If you are disqualified or blacklisted for any reason you will not receive any bounty rewards.
  • The Merlin team reserves the right to change the Bounty Reward Program Terms and Conditions at any time.
  • By participating in the Merlin Bounty Rewards Program, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the program.
  • For support or questions regarding the Merlin Bounty Reward Program, join the Merlin Bounty Rewards Telegram group ( You may contact an admin who will assist you in resolving your query.

Thanks for your interest in creating content as part of the Merlin Bounty Rewards Program!

Merlin important links:

Telegram Announcement:

Telegram Community:

Telegram Bounty Rewards Group:







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